Hi and welcome to MalcolmSlade.co.uk. As you can tell I put absolutley no effort into this page what so ever, kinda like Matt Cutts and his homepage at MattCutts.com. I don't even know why you are here. I only purchased this domain to annoy Paul Martin as he can't get PaulMartin.co.uk.

You probably want one of the below. Let's face it this webpage is never going to rank for anything but "Malcolm Slade" is it and even then Google is going to do an EMD update soon which will probably wipe my only ranking out all together!

Malcolm Slade on Epiphany Search

Please note, I enjoy my work at Epiphany Search very much and I am very passionate about Epiphany, SEO and my role. Please do not let this site, or any of the stuff below make you think otherwise!

I also like to do fun stuff!

Being A Dad

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Dr Malcolm Slade. NOT ME!!!

Malcolm Slade Judo Guy. I could have him!!!

Congratulations! You have made it all of the way to the bottom of MalcolmSlade.co.uk without clicking any of the moohasive links above. I guess I should put some form of return to top button here but, to be honest I haven't got to that page yet in WebDev for Dummies. I mean look, I'm using Dreamweaver on Design View. It has wrapped everything in H2 tags. That is just plain stupid!

Speaking of stupid! Here are some common mis-spellings of Malcolm Slade in an unordered list

OK, you've got me! It was all a cunning plan to drive the massive amounts of mis-spelling traffic to my site.